09 May 2009

The Island

In 3 weeks I have experienced many things on Oahu. I have worked with the USCG and Auxliary, done my job and spent plenty of time exploring. Living and working in Hawaii is most enjoyable. The drive to and from work in a convertible rental car is like taking an hour a day to sit at the beach and sunbathe. Only caveat, if you are already sunburned from the weekend, the daily commute may hurt if you don't have the 50SPF sunblock in the car.

As someone from the mainland, I have found the following to be true...
It is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and the opportunities to observe wildlife in their natural habitat are around you each and every day.

The natural resources, outdoor activities and wildlife are AWESOME!!

The commute to work may be long but it is always fun as you are in paradise and most times you have a water view while driving on Oahu. Well at least where I work.

  • Drections are based on landmarks you can see from almost everywhere like turn right when you are even with the Pink Hospital on the hill.
  • Law and order is very good considering half the population is military and under Federal Government control and the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice).
  • There is a never ending number of activities both tourist and local you can become absorbed in on any given day.
  • The Hawaiian culture is fascinating and great to experience. After all, this is the only part of the United States to actually have a Royal Family (King and Queen and a Palace). even a Queen Emma like my niece. All worth visiting and learning about.
  • 2009 is the 50th Anniversary of Hawaii becoming the last state on 21-Aug-1959.
  • LOST is filmed here and you can visit many of the sites.
  • CONs:
  • The 6 hour time difference between Hawaii and the East coast and family can be very challenging, especially when you travel back and forth each month or want to talk.

  • The TV schedule is totally weird for me - some channels are on Pacific Coast Time (TBS/TNT/USA/DISC), broadcast channels start prime time at 7 PM like Central time at home and then you have to find the ABC/CBS/NBC channel not in Japanese. It makes me soo confused ;-)
  • Its 6 hours different from EDT until October as Hawaii doesn't do daylight savings time.
  • While the island appears safe because of all the local and military people following rules, like every big city they have crime and drug problems and in some cases they are more pronounced because of the lack of physical space.

  • Truman can't come live with me because of the animal 30 day quarintine rule for Hawaii. However; he has learned that there are plenty of things to do at Mom and Uncle Jeremy's house like "Let's checkout the new flowers. I dumped the last ones and you would think they have learned better than to give me new ones!!"

  • Tuman pulled down the ceiling at Mom and Uncle Jeremy's house so now we have to buy a new one. Baad kitty...

Overall Opinion 9May09

  • All in all the community in Honolulu and all the people I meet, work and socialize with day to day are great and a welcome source of strength away from home.
  • Can't wait for my friends and family to come over the next few months to visit and hang with me. This will be most fun!! I can't wait
  • Truman likes living with Mom and Uncle Jeremy but he still remembers his real house and the monthly moves should not be a problem. Uncle Jeremy however should learn to endure longer lick sessions from Truman.
  • Truman now has his own email account, so I hope to hear more from him beyond the usual phone and web cam sessions!


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