18 October 2005

The Urban Tabby Tiger - "BJ"


Most people who call my house think I have a roommate but in actuality mailbox #2 is for this guy. My dad started that by leaving messages for him when he was looking for me.

"BJ", short for "Bill the Cat Jr." has been with me since he was 10 weeks old. I wanted a dog but I was in a city apt. so I have a cat who acts more like a Tiger than a house cat. My first cat was also his 1/2 brother. He was "Bill the Cat".

BJ plays fetch, protects the homestead and chases bird's between our picture windows. At 14, he finds that sleeping on the waterbed is now one of his favorite activities.

In last year's check-up the Vet asked what I had been doing to him. I said nothing except he went from 600 sqf to run in to 2100 sqf. They were trying to figure out how he lost 1 1/4 lbs. He's on a new exercise program now that we have a house - stairs and all.

A few years ago I put a webcam in my bedroom to see what he did while I was at work. Go figure, he sleeps so he can run and jump on the waterbed all night long!


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